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Sweet Potato Punkin Cupcakes

Sweet potatoes in cupcakes? Heck, yes.

To say I was a picky eater when I was younger would be an understatement. Sadly, I never realized the goodness that is a sweet potato, until my adult life. All those years I could have been enjoying them! Well, at least I realized in the last couple years, that they are amazing. Dylan & I have been talking about using sweet potatoes in a cupcake recipe for the last few weeks, and we finally did it.

I got the recipe from a coworker. She’s always picking out recipes for us to try, this one was really easy to figure out where to add the beer in. The batter turned out REALLY thick, so I just tossed in a cup of Dogfish Head Punkin Ale to thin it out a little. If you’re into pumpkin beers, this is one of my favorites. I was a little reluctant to use it in the recipe, only because I wanted to drink it instead. But I made the sacrifice for you, dear beer-cupcake lovers. That’s how much I’m committed to this cupcake thing.

For this recipe, I had to roast a pound of sweet potatos, then mash it up and add it to the batter. It looked kind of weird when I mixed it in, but the results were well worth it. As an added bonus, each cupcake has a Hershey’s kiss right in the center of the cupcake. The sweet potato, the spices, and the pumpkin beer blend perfectly in your mouth when you take a bite. The chocolate is (literally) the icing on the cake. When you pick one of these cupcakes up, you can feel the weight of it. They are dense!

I’d say these are like a thanksgiving day dessert party in your mouth. SO good. So good, that I could eat them all tonight, and leave none to take into work tomorrow … Just kidding, coworkers!

In other news, our kitchen is all paid for & eagerly awaiting our arrival to start baking. If you’re around on Thursday night, there will be a sneak preview of cupcakes over at Brews on Washington. The catch is that you have to come play trivia, and you could win them as a prize. Totally worth it. Plus, if you win trivia night, you get $25 off your tab.

If you’re busy on Thursday, make time to come see us on Saturday over at Brews on Washington – it’s our official kick off party! Our wonderful and amazing donors can stop by and get their cupcake prizes. Everyone else is invited to join us too, there will be plenty of cupcakes, in plenty of flavors for sale! Dylan and I will be there, so that’s pretty cool too. Oh, and we’ll have a few pint glasses, recipe books, and t-shirts, if you’re interested. Come have a pint and a cupcake with us!

Hope to see you there!

– Jackie & Dylan


Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Cupcakes

This weekend’s cupcake came to be for two reasons: 1. I love pumpkin (in just about every dessert I can put it in) and 2. We went to the Spokane Oktoberfest on Saturday and everyone was out of pumpkin beer! (What’s up with that?)

Some people may find this strange, but pumpkin and chocolate together is almost the best thing ever… if you add cheesecake to the equation, well, then that IS the best thing ever. For this recipe I took my favorite chocolate beer cake recipe and made it with Night Owl, a pumpkin ale from Elysian Brewing Company. Believe it or not, I had a difficult time finding a pumpkin beer. Well, one that wasn’t Blue Moon pumpkin ale. After a couple stores, I found the Night Owl, and having had it before, decided that’s the beer we would use. Dylan is not a fan of pumpkin ales, but I definitely seek them out this time of year. They are good.

To get the cheesecake part, I whipped up some cream cheese, pumpkin and spices then swirled it in the cupcake pan with the chocolate cake batter. Some turned out more chocolatey and others turned out more like cheesecake. Then we topped them all off with a basic cream cheese frosting with a little pumpkin added in. (Told you I put pumpkin in everything.) Overall these cupcakes turned out really moist, and quite delicious.

Nicole Hensley  and Mike Tigas stopped by this evening to talk beer cupcakes and to see the tiny kitchen they’re made in (for now). Despite our kitchen’s small size, we still really enjoy having people stop by. (It also gives us a reason to keep up on the house work.) We sent them away with 6 cupcakes, and I’m pretty sure (judging by their positive reactions) that they really enjoyed them!

– Jackie

Pumking Pumpkin Cupcakes

I know it’s out of season, but pumpkin flavored everything is my favorite. I had this bottle of pumking Imperial Pumpkin Ale sent over to me from my Buffalo BFF from last fall and wanted to put it to use. I had already drank the other bottle she sent me and it is one of my favorite pumpkin beers.

This beer is sweet and it smells just like pumpkin pie (another favorite of mine), so I thought it would be excellent in a cupcake. Throwing seasonal thoughts aside, I went out to procure a can of pumpkin.  I have to say that canned pumpkin out of season is expensive, but totally worth it. I had left over cream cheese from the last cupcakes I made so I used that for the frosting.

While these cupcakes were in the oven my house smelled amazing. It was like pumpkin pie bliss in the kitchen. Once they were out and cooled I knew I wanted to make cream cheese frosting. Lately every time I have tried to make frosting, it kind of turns to more of an icing. I thought maybe if I could find a recipe without so much powdered sugar it would help, but I had trouble coming up with a good recipe without it. I came across a recipe that had butter in addition to the powdered sugar & cream cheese (and a little vanilla) and this frosting turned out to be amazing. Probably the best frosting I have ever created. I have some left over frosting and I will be surprised if it makes it through the week.

I’m sure I’m biased, but these cupcakes were so flippin great. I will make these again and again and again. I do have leftover pumpkin and I found a good sale on a different kind of pumpkin beer over the weekend. I may be the only one drinking a pumking ale in the spring, but I always have been a little different.

– Jackie