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Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Cupcakes

These week’s cupcake is brought to you by my love for chocolate, and my plentiful supply of bananas. We used Voodoo American Stout from Left Coast Brewing Company in the cake. This beer has a roasted, almost coffee-like flavor to it, and is great paired with chocolate. A cup of beer went into the cake, and Dylan and I shared the rest of the 22 oz. bottle, at 10 am! Nothing like a little buzz to wake you up in the morning, I say.

This cake recipe has 2 mashed bananas in it, and in the finished cake the banana flavor comes out really well. I love adding fruit into cake because it always turns out very soft. For the frosting we used a peanut butter ganache. I enjoy using ganache as a cupcake frosting, it’s really easy to change the flavor to compliment whatever kind of cake you’re baking. I used the same recipe I always do, just changed the amounts a bit to accommodate the peanut butter.

Truth be told, I didn’t make nearly enough frosting for all the cupcakes today. The frosting gun (what else would you call it?) that we have at home really puts out a lot of frosting. I won’t complain too much, the frosting does look very nice when we use it. I’ve run out of frosting before and I’ve learned from experience, if you just pile on some peanut butter, it’ll do the job.

Dylan doesn’t actually like banana, but I think I may have converted him.

– Jackie & Dylan


Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Stout Cupcakes

I think I need to start coming up with more creative names for my cupcakes. This one is a peanut butter lovers dream.

These cupcakes were Dylan’s idea. We had a few different bottles of Samuel Smith’s in the fridge, one being their oatmeal stout. (I should add that this beer gets very high mark’s on Beer Advocate. You should try it if you’ve never had it, it’s a very good beer.)

These were fun to make. About 45 minutes before I heated up the oven, I made this sort of chocolate peanut butter ganache and put it in the refrigerator (to be used later in the recipe). I made a basic chocolate stout cupcake to start with. Then after my ganache was cold, I hand rolled it up into little balls and plopped 1 in the middle of each freshly batter-filled cupcake liner.

I fear I may have baked these a little too long, but they still turned out great. I made some pistachio rosewater cupcakes with a nut brown ale a couple days ago for Dylan’s dad’s birthday and I didn’t bake them long enough, and now I’m paranoid about my baking times! I ended up figuring out a (tasty) workaround on those cupcakes, but they weren’t very pretty looking, so that’s why I won’t be posting them up here on sweetandstout unless I make them again some time.

These were just slightly over cooked, but the gooey peanut butter center and the peanut butter buttercream frosting definitely made up for it. Oh yeah, and Dylan thought we should top them with chopped up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups … how could I disagree?

Aside from baking a little too long, the only thing I regret about these cupcakes is that I didn’t make more of them. My recipe worked out to making only about 15 cupcakes. It’s tough when you’re wildly mixing ingredients in the kitchen sometimes! The batter turned out pretty thick and looking back I think I could have increased the amount of beer I used and I would have gotten a few more cupcakes out of it. Oh well, there’s always next time!

– Jackie