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Business busyness

This post is late! My apologies. This past weekend was filled with playing catch up, cleaning house, baking cupcakes, meeting friends, and general busyness! After being away from work, computers, and baking for 2 weeks, it’s been a bit tough readjusting, to say the least. Dylan and I both figured that by having the wedding stress over and done with, things would begin to relax a little bit for us … well, it hasn’t yet, but we’re still hoping!

I’m sorry to report that we don’t have a new cupcake flavor to tempt you with this week. On Sunday we ended up getting an order for the Manito Tap House for 3 dozen cupcakes and that pretty much took over our afternoon. We just didn’t have it in us after that.

Which leads me to something else I need to bring up here.

While we are still planning on keeping this blog going, it’s going to have to change a bit for business reasons, and for my own personal sanity. It’s really a challenge to come up with a different cupcake flavor every week! I’m sure there are still ideas to be had, we’re just going to limit our cupcake experiments to once a month instead of weekly. There are a few other reasons to go along with this, including that it gets expensive to buy special ingredients every week to indulge our creative culinary adventures. We also want to spend more time growing our business. It’d be different if Dylan and I both didn’t work full time jobs, but that’s not going to change any time soon. Our goal right now is to get our cupcakes at a few new places around Spokane.

Aside from all this business talk, Dylan and I got married! (As if you didn’t know already, I think I’ve talked about it a LOT on here, haha) It’s official, we are Mr. & Mrs. Sweet and Stout! Here’s a preview picture from our photographer, Shelia Carson Photography. Check her out, she’s awesome!

– Photo by Sheila Carson Photography


Jackie & Dylan


Collaboration with Savor Sweets candy and the INWTweetup

These past couple months of actually doing business have been amazing! This week, Dylan and I will be in vacation mode. While we don’t have a new cupcake flavor for you, we do want to share a few photos. These are from our collaboration with Savor Sweets, another local Spokane small business. We met them a few months back when the Spokesman Review did an article featuring both of our businesses. We both successfully used Kickstarter as a means to raise start up costs.

This past Monday, we attended a tweetup and brought our peppermint chocolate cupcakes. What made them different this time is that Andrea, of Savor Sweets, created a peppermint candy garnish to top them off. It was really fun to see her create the candy. She tried out a new technique to make the candy look like coral, and it went really well. We topped off the cupcakes, then brought them out the next day to the event.

Watching the positive reacts of those that tried them was awesome. There’s an awesome photo of @1ntheDepths (Christina Deubel) enjoying a cupcake on Design Spike’s blog that I just love. Anyways, here’s a couple photos I snapped right after the decorating with Andrea.

Peppermint chocolate cupcakes garnished with peppermint candy from Savor Sweets.

The candy complimented the cake and frosting flavors very well.

We’ll be back next week with a new flavor. We both sincerely wish you a very happy holiday season!


Jackie & Dylan

Launch party weekend – a great success!

This past Saturday was our official launch party! We wanted to celebrate a successful kickstarter campaign, and give our awesome backers their beer cupcake rewards. This was the event we’ve been working so hard towards, the day we introduced our beer cupcakes to Spokane!

The Friday before the event was baking day (er… night). Luckily for Dylan and I, we had some helpers coming to town just to bake with us (and keep us from totally freaking out). Dylan’s mom, dad, and brother, all drove from across the state to help us out! We were so glad to have them too, we ended up baking around 170 cupcakes that night.

Jackie and Dylan getting down to baking.

I’ll tell you that the baking took a bit longer that night than we had anticipated, but it was also the second time we had ever cooked in the commercial kitchen. Many diet cokes, chocolate bars, pep talks and grocery store runs later, we left the kitchen victorious around 1:00 am (arrived at 7 pm).

We arrived at Brews on Washington near 3:00 pm the next day, a little tired, but excited for things to get going. After carefully setting up some displays, beers were poured, and we eagerly awaited the arrival of our friends and guests. Spokane, you did not disappoint us! Shortly after 4:00, things got rolling! It was the coolest thing to see. We were both so excited to meet new people, including those who donated to us through kickstarter. It was great to finally meet a few people that I’ve come to know through twitter, too!

Welcome sign out from of Brews.

The cupcakes before the crowd arrived.

The crowd at Brews on Washington!

Eventually, we had to move the cupcakes behind the bar because they were being sold too quick to keep up with the restocking!

Jackie, Dylan and Dylan's brother, Morgan, at the kickoff party.

We wanted to give a special thanks to Liz Rognes, for delighting our ears with her music throughout the event. I had plenty of people come up and tell me not only how great the cupcakes were, but how great the music was!

We both would also like to give a very special thank you to Dylan’s family for driving all the way from the west side of the state to help us! Their help was greatly appreciated. Plus, all the photos you see above were shot by Dylan’s dad, Martin, who own Photos by Martin based in Bellingham, WA. He does great work, and we are so thankful that he was there to capture these great images!

Carolyn and Martin, our veteran frosters!

Really, thank you to everyone that came out. We had an amazing and memorable night, and it’s all thanks to you! We hope you’ll be back to Brews to have another cupcake soon. We’re working on getting our cupcakes out there to more venues, so stay tuned for that news. Also, we’re going to open up to taking orders, directly from us, if you would like 2 dozen or more.

As the week goes on, I’m hoping to have a little more information here on our website about placing orders, and the flavors we’ll carry. Of course, I’ll keep everyone updated on our progress.

Thanks, Spokane!

– Jackie & Dylan

We did it!

We're bringing out the beer cupcakes to Spokane, it's official.

Success! Our kickstarter campaign has come to a close, and we have so many people to thank! Dylan and I were amazed at how much our friends, family, the Spokane community and the craft beer fans have come out to help us make our dream come true. We could not have done this without each and every one of you!

Here are the people that helped contribute to our kickstarter campaign:

  • Kevin Walker
  • Sandra Hosking
  • Brews on Washington (Brett & Katie Anderson)
  • Martin & Carolyn
  • Nick Flett
  • Mary Lewis
  • Taylor Mustard
  • Elaine Abrams
  • Jan Rystrom
  • Jeanne M. Hammer
  • Kimberly Heinke
  • Allyson Cohen Shoshana
  • Nika Osayande
  • Kim Leising
  • Amanda Kindelan
  • Vicky
  • Mary Neal
  • Nathan Abrams
  • Major Tom
  • Ayana Huff
  • Amanda Baker
  • Ryan Pitts
  • C M Osterhout
  • Wesley Barber
  • Studio 1026 (Kelly & Rob Decker)
  • Chey Scott
  • Gina Boysun Pinnock
  • Mike Tigas
  • Kathleen Dickson
  • Paul Rossi
  • Jovanna Casey
  • Lindsay Edwards
  • Kathy Minor
  • Barb
  • Bonnie and Peter Drewes
  • Christopher Ihlan
  • Boxy

In addition to those that have helped us online, we had a few friends give us cash donations, that we’d like to thank as well!

  • Angela & John Gordon
  • Eric Mustard
  • Ernie & Sherry Donlan
  • Scott & Richelle Shields
  • Kim Bartlett
  • Dick & Roxy Zarowny

In other big news, we are officially announcing our kickoff party! Plan to attend (if you want) October 29th, 4:00 pm at Brews on Washington. We will be rolling out a wide variety of our flavors that night, so if you’ve been curious about beer cupcakes, you’ll need to be there. Some of our kickstarter donors will be getting 2 free cupcakes at the event and I will be emailing/mailing a special coupon to those of you that have helped us!

So come have a pint and a cupcake with us on October 29th!

We’ve got our design figured out for the pint glasses and t-shirts. We will also have small custom made recipe books for sale at the party, that have 4 recipes (1 that we’ve never published). So, if you’re interested in that, just find me or Dylan at the party and we’ll hook you up!

We’re so excited to be official! Thanks for your part in getting us there!

– Jackie & Dylan