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BeerRita Cupcakes

This past weekend we put a twist on the classic margarita, turning it into a beer-rita. If you missed it, we did another beer cocktail a couple weeks ago when we made beer mojitos (and cupcakes). Since they turned out really great, I thought we’d give it a go with beer margarita cupcakes. I’m really starting to dig beer cocktails, and definitely will try more in the future. First things first. You need a BeerRita in your life, and here’s how you make one (or 2):

1/2 lime, cut into wedges (4 wedges)
sea salt to line the rims of the glasses
1 (12 oz.) bottle of beer, we used Biere de Mars (Lips of Faith) from New Belgium
1/4 cup limeade concentrate, thawed
1/4 cup tequila (or more!)
Ice to fill 2 glasses
Rub lime wedge around the edge of Weizen Glass. Put some salt in your hand and rub the edges of the glass through it to lightly coat the edge. Put beer, limeade & tequila in a pitcher, then load each glass up with ice and pour beer mix on top. Top with a fresh lime wedge, then get drinking!
Now that you’ve got a decent drink in your hand, let me tell you about these BeerRita cupcakes we made.
This is a yellow cake heavily flavored with lime. We’re talking lime zest and lime juice, oh, and we did throw a shot of tequila in there for good measure. For the beer we used Biere de Mars (see link above) from New Belgium Brewing. New Belgium seems to be taking over our refrigerator lately, and there’s a good reason for that, they make fantastic beer! Anyways, I just knew the Biere de Mars would be a perfect match. It’s an ale brewed with spices and has a citrus kick to it, perfect pairing for the sweet and tart of the lime flavor these cupcakes were bursting with.
The frosting is a lime cream cheese one, we skipped on adding tequila to it (we totally could have, if we hadn’t run out of tequila, oops!). Then to garnish the cake, I put a pinch of sea salt on top to pull it all together. These cupcakes were delicious, and would be perfect for a summer day, or any day you feel like getting sloshed on tequila and beer. Drinking gives you the munchies, sometimes. Seeing as it’s just about May, these might be a good way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as well!
– Jackie & Dylan

Chocolate Cherry Black Ale Cupcakes

I was in the baking mood this past weekend and had a new recipe to try out. This one just called for 1 cup of any kind of beer, so I chose New Belgium 1554 Enlightened Black Ale. The thought of dark chocolate, cherries and the Black AleĀ  sounded like it would blend well together.

What was really interesting about this recipe is that there are whole cherries baked right in the batter. I used a lighter version of cherry pie filling instead of using fresh cherries. It’s definitely not cherry season here yet. The pie cherries worked out really well, giving the chocolate batter a tint of red. The cherries remained soft and flavorful, blending well with the chocolate batter. This recipe called for walnuts and I did add them, but next time I think I will omit them. They didn’t take away from the flavor but I don’t feel that they added very much either. I used a store bought white frosting, mostly because I wanted the bright white to contrast well with a cherry garnish on top. The frosting turned out pretty well and it had the consistency and taste of a soft marshmallow.

I would say these cupcakes were a success. I brought a few of the extras into work and I got all compliments. I think next time I need to just make half a batch as there are at least a dozen of these left sitting on my kitchen table. I also have 4 Enlightened Black Ale’s leftover, but I’m not complaining!

– Jackie