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True Irish Death Cupcakes

I know, I know … we’ve done Iron Horse Brewery’s Irish Death before. However, Irish Death is frickin’ delicious, so we’re going to use it again. There’s a few things we did different this time. First, this is a chocolate cake made with Irish Death. Second, the frosting is … oh yes … Mocha Death beer frosting! It’s like double the Irish Death fun. (Seems weird to have death and fun in the same sentence, but I reread it a couple times, and I’m okay with it.)

In case I’ve never said this before, I love chocolate. Any chance I get to make chocolate cake, I do. Dylan is always the voice of reason and says things like “well, you made chocolate last time” or “don’t you think we should do something other than chocolate?”. Well this time, I must have been pretty convincing, because he was all about the chocolate. (lucky me!)

One thing that we’ve been thinking about experimenting with is beer frosting. We needed a way to get the beer in it, without actually having the alcohol in it too. So, we ended up taking a cup of Irish Death and reducing it, on the stove top, to about a tablespoon. All the heat removes the alcohol, and leaves us with a concentrated (almost syrup-like) amount of beer. While I contemplated pouring it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream, Dylan quickly took it away and added it to the buttercream frosting.

The result were these True Irish Death cupcakes, or you could call them Double Death cupcakes (that’s what I wanted to call them, Dylan picked “True Irish Death”). Whatever you want to call them, they were pretty tasty. We’re definitely going to experiment with more beer in frosting, I think it’s the next logical step up for us to take. Just thinking about all the different beer possibilities in frosting is pretty exciting. We’re evening thinking about doing a beer ganache frosting too. mmm!

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out today! In case you missed it, Dylan and I were on one of our local morning shows on Friday. To say being on TV is pretty cool is an understatement. It’s scary and awesome at the same time! You can check out our appearance here. We were so happy to be on the show, and I think the anchors really enjoyed the cupcakes we brought by.

– Jackie & Dylan


Cinnamon Irish Death Cupcakes

Today was a rare chance where I was let in the kitchen to make the cupcakes for this week, all alone. This time I was able to show off my baking skills to Jackie once again. For this week’s cupcake, I settled on a cinnamon yellow cake and decided to put Quilter’s Irish Death from Iron Horse Brewery in them. This was a easy choice with the brewery calling this beer their “beer candy.”

For a topping to go with this delightfully light, but sinfully rich cake, I created a Kahlua butter glaze. The glaze gave me some grief when I was making it though, it kept thickening up on me at the strangest times. After making it a second time I had it down.

I ran into some of the same problems as we came across with the Black Cherry Ale Cupcakes, mainly the fact that it was in the high 90s and working with chocolate and glazes is nearly impossible without the constant use of the fridge. All in all, I feel that this cupcake turned out well, and am definitely looking forward to having one of these again soon.

On a different note, I wanted to share with all you beer cupcake lovers an update on where we’re at with our kickstarter campaign. We currently are 66% funded thanks to all of you and your generosity. We still have 27 days left to get the remaining 34% or $565! If we are able to reach our goal in the next 27 days we will be bringing our beer cupcakes to the Inland Northwest. We want to thank you again for all your support, we couldn’t do it without you, and if you are looking to donate to Sweet and Stout you can click here.

– Dylan