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An update of sorts

Dear friends,

I know I’m long overdue for posting a new cupcake, and I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a new one yet. There’s been a lot going on in our personal lives lately, and it’s taken up a lot of our time.

First some good news, I (Jackie), recently accepted a new job. I’m still a graphic designer, but now I’m working at Lawton Publishing. I’m really enjoying it, and it’s been keeping me very busy.

Now for the bad news, our home got broken into last week, in a pretty violent way. I’m happy to say that we’re all okay (fur babies included), and that we weren’t at home when it happened. Someone kicked in our back door, and went through all of our things. They stole my camera (the one that I used to take all these awesome cupcake photos), they took Dylan’s laptop (that had thousands of irreplaceable photos), also gone are our iPads, our Playstation 3, and all our games that went along with it. [They didn’t take my (antique, probably) iMac, which is how I’m able to write this update for you. I guess they know how useless a PowerPC iMac is nowadays…]

What’s worse than losing our things is how violated we both feel. Someone tore through our house with no regard for anything, went through our personal drawers, bedroom, and living room, and filled up their backpack with things we’ve worked really hard to get. They left our backdoor wide open (it couldn’t be shut because of how bad it was bent from being kicked in) and I was so worried that our cats had run away, but thankfully, they were all hiding in the house. Our poor dog was locked in his kennel at the time, and I so wish that I had left him out, but I’m glad he did not get hurt. (We leave our dog out at all times now.)

To top it all off, this person attempted to return to finish the job, just yesterday. Dylan spotted him climbing over our back fence, with a hammer in hand! Dylan and another one of our neighbors chased him, all the way to a house, only one street away. As this guy slammed the door in Dylan and our neighbors face, they both heard someone say “They know what you did, and they’re fucking going to catch you.”

Of course we called the police, but there wasn’t anything they could do because a crime had not been committed. We’re finding out that it’s really hard to catch someone for burglary unless you catch them in the act. So now we’ve been spending all our time being paranoid, and afraid to leave the house. We did get security cameras, which we can watch from our phones while we’re at work. There is some comfort in that. But now that I know he was planning on coming back and breaking in through a window, I’ve lost 90% of my confidence.

I’m sharing this with you all because we don’t want to be victims anymore, and we don’t want to live in fear. We want to get our story out there, and we hope that this guy will get caught, very soon. There have been at least 8 break-ins, similar to ours, in a 3 block radius of where we live in the last couple weeks. It’s just getting ridiculous.

– Jackie & Dylan