Where beer and cupcakes unite!

First Friday at Studio 66 Art Gallery

Sweet and Stout was one of the first few things to see when you walked through the door.

On the first Friday of every month you can stop in at a variety of different places in Spokane and check out local artists. We were lucky enough to be invited by Doyle Wheeler, of Ammohead Design, to bring our cupcakes to the Studio 66 Art Gallery this past Friday.

If you didn’t make it out to the gallery, I highly suggest you check it out. When you see the place from the outside, you just have no idea all the greatness that awaits for you when you open the door. There is some amazing art inside, including work from: Christina Deubal, Rick Davis, Doyle Wheeler, Michael Sherriffs Hall, Ed Gilmore, and Kurt L. Schmierer.

Thursday night we went into the kitchen and baked up mini cupcakes, something we’ve talked about doing, but have never done for an event. I think we spent about 3 hours in the kitchen that night. We ended up with a LOT of cakes, but as it turned out, it was a good thing we did. Those that came out to Studio 66 came hungry!

Getting the lighting just right!

There was also coffee from the Roast House, which was delicious!

Doyle, of Ammohead Design, putting the final touches on his display case.

A huge thank you to everyone that came by, and to those that stopped to try one (or two, or three) of our beer cupcakes. An extra huge thanks to Ed Gilmore, of Studio 66 for letting us join in the First Friday festivities, and to Doyle for inviting us to be there. It was really fun getting to meet so many new people, and to see quite a few familiar faces! We look forward to doing more First Friday events in the future, and we hope we’ll see you there!

– Jackie & Dylan


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