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Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

This post is a day late because we were busy having a lazy Christmas yesterday. A lot of Christmas cookie eating gave way to this week’s cupcake creation, a cupcake done in the flavor style of the classic snickerdoodle. We used Guinness Extra Stout because it has a great roasted malt flavor that compliments the dense cinnamon-vanilla flavored cake-cookie that we were going for.

Did I just say “cake-cookie”? Sure did. Under the vanilla cupcake batter, we put a tablespoon of snickerdoodle cookie dough. You can even see the difference in color from the cake to the cookie on the side. The vanilla cake was made in the Sweet and Stout fashion (using beer) and the cookie dough did not include any beer (but that might be a good idea for the future). The cake and the cookie actually baked together really well. I think the cake batter on top of the cookie dough kept it really soft. The cookies almost have a cake-like feel to them.

I may have mentioned that we’ve been have problems with our oven, sometimes it will work, other times it will not. We recently discovered that we can turn on the broiler to heat up the oven, but the downside to that is there is no way to regulate the temperature effectively. I mention this because I baked half of them in the oven and the other half in our trusty toaster oven. The ones that were baked in the toaster turned out a bit more moist in the cake than those I tried to bake in the oven. Lesson learned, no more attempting to use the oven for us until we get a new one.

Despite a slightly dry cake, I actually really did enjoy these cupcakes. We made a cream cheese cinnamon frosting to go on top that is really hard to resist. We’re also working on our frosting technique, and tried something a little different this time. I think they look pretty, and it wasn’t very difficult. One thing that we try to avoid is too much frosting, and sometimes I think frosting them like this could lead to a bit extra on top. I’ll keep practicing, and try to find the golden ratio of cupcake to frosting.

We hope that you are all enjoying this holiday season as much as we are. We’re hoping that with the new year rapidly approaching, we’ll be bringing you all some good news! Until then, keep on experimenting with your beer baking! Thanks for reading.

– Jackie & Dylan


One response

  1. I’ve been wanting “someone” to blog about a snicker doodle cookie dough cupcake. this looks “amazing”

    July 21, 2012 at 2:27 am

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