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IPA Yellow Cake with Spicy Chocolate Chile Frosting

This past week Dylan and I were up in Bellingham, WA visiting his family. We wanted to make cupcakes while we were there since his family hardly ever gets to try them, so we baked a (rather large) batch this past Saturday. We wanted to use a local beer and one of our favorite places to go while we’re in Bellingham is Boundary Bay. Their beer is a necessary Bellingham experience whenever we’re over that way. We used their Ski to Sea ESB in a cupcake before, so why not try another one?

We headed over there and got a sampler of beers when (through some tweets & some pints) we got the idea to use Boundary Bay’s IPA in one of our cupcakes. Apparently a lot of people assume that their IPA is too bitter to bake with, but I wanted to prove them wrong. The cake flavor idea came about the next day while we were in a grocery store (can’t remember the name of it) and I picked up a couple bars of Theo’s Spicy Chile. It’s a dark chocolate with that little bite of spicy chile. I used the chocolate to make a delicious ganache and paired it with a basic yellow cake made with the IPA.

I have to add in here that Dylan’s folks have the most amazing oven (a convection oven) and it heats up to temperature in about 10 minutes. My oven at home sometimes takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get fired up to 350 degrees … a little sad in comparison! Anyways, I baked them in the convection oven and I think they turned out slightly overdone, so I will have to make them again (oh darn).

Despite the oven stuff, these actually turned out really well. The basic yellow cake (the batter was SO delicious, by the way, Dylan’s mom can attest to that) really complimented the little bit of heat you got from the frosting. I also sprinkled a little cayenne pepper on the top for added kick.

These cupcakes were a great idea, and I look forward to baking them again. Likewise, I look forward to getting some more Boundary Bay IPA because it is very delicious and one of my favorites that they have on tap. If you’re in the Bellingham area, make sure you stop in and have a pint, it’s so worth it!

– Jackie


One response

  1. These sound delicious! I hope you can make a concoction with the Jalapeno beer I send you soon

    July 28, 2011 at 6:28 pm

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