Where beer and cupcakes unite!

So I had this idea

It all started with a dream that Dylan & I had. One day we would like to start a brewery making all kinds of hand crafted beer. The location of our brewery changes with our moods. Sometimes we’d like to stay in Spokane and buy up an old warehouse downtown. Other times we’d like to move over by the ocean to a small town, like a tourist destination, buy an old firehouse and open up a pub/brewery there.

Every time we dream about it, we come up with even better ideas for it. So then this light bulb lit above my head and I thought “This really is a great idea, why don’t I do something about it?”. So I tried to get Dylan to start brewing some beer, but it is a little bit of a start-up cost to making beer and that has put a small hold on our dream.

Not easily discouraged, I came up with an amended version of our plan. I stumbled upon a recipe for a chocolate cupcake made with a stout beer which sounded really interesting. I wondered how it would taste if I made the chocolate stout cupcakes and then paired it with the stout I had used to make it. As it turns out, they tasted pretty darn great together.

So in the meantime my plan is this: I will explore the world of baking cupcakes, be it with or without a beer in the recipe, and I will pair them up with different types of beer for maximum enjoyment.

This is going to be great silly fun!


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